Family History Research at Yukon Archives

Genealogy, the practice of inquiry into family descent, is a way to connect to your ancestors that is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages around the world.

After you have exhausted family resources (talking to relatives, reviewing journals, diaries and correspondence, and going through photo albums) the Yukon Archives is a good place to come for further research.

At the Archives, many of our research requests come from Yukon First Nations descendants, Yukoners new and old, and visitors whose ancestors passed through or lived here during various eras of the Territory's history. The collections at the Archives are very broad in scope, encompassing nearly two centuries of Yukon record-keeping in many different media.

This website shows examples of the types of records available at Yukon Archives to illustrate how research at our facility can reward your genealogical research. And whether or not your search is successful, you will have the opportunity to look into the past and understand more about your ancestor's life and times.

Sources of Family History Information at Yukon Archives

Yukon Archives' vast holdings contain many types of information that can help fill in the blanks for your genealogical research. Understanding the types of records the Yukon Archives acquires can help you to prepare for your visit. The following is a brief description of the types of records available at Yukon Archives with links to examples of each type.

  • Published Sources
    The published material housed by the Archives Library includes pamphlets, books, newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, indexes, town directories and telephone books that have been published on or about the Yukon since the Klondike Gold Rush.
  • Corporate Records
    The Yukon Archives possesses collections of records from large and small businesses, associations, and societies. The types of records available will vary from collection to collection but may include financial documentation, employee or membership lists, minutes and correspondence, and so on.
  • Government Records
    Records created by the three levels of government (federal, territorial, and municipal) may contain information on estates, marriage licenses, school records, and other records that can assist in your search.
  • Manuscripts (Private Records)
    The Yukon Archives manuscript collections include the records of individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Yukon. They include the diaries, correspondence, draft articles or books, etc. of persons engaged in exploration, transportation, the arts, politics, and other pursuits. The Yukon Archives manuscript collections also attempt to reflect the lives of ordinary Yukoners.
  • Audiovisual
    The records include photographs, slides, postcards, stereocards and negatives, as well as moving images and sound recordings. The videos may be commercial productions or video copies of historical films made by amateurs or professionals.