Family History Research at Yukon Archives

Corporate Records

The Yukon Archives corporate records holdings includes records of First Nations, churches, businesses, societies and clubs, and associations. It includes large businesses such as the White Pass and Yukon Route and Taylor and Drury, both founded during the Gold Rush era, as well as smaller and more recent organizations such as the Old Crow Cooperative Association and the Yukon Conservation Society. These records document not only the activities of the organizations but also provide insight into the history and lives of those who worked for them.

White Pass & Yukon Route Personnel Record
Captain Cromarty piloted sternwheelers on the Yukon River in the 1920s. When his descendant contacted Yukon Archives for information about his life, a search of the White Pass & Yukon Route River Transport records turned up his original personnel documentation.
Yukon Archives. White Pass & Yukon Route fonds, River Transportation Division, COR 749, File A-Y, 1903-1948.
Trappers' Association Membership List
The Old Crow Cooperative Association was established in 1974. It ran the general store in Old Crow until 1996 and operated the Old Crow Non-Profit Housing Corporation, among other activities. This document is a partial listing of members of the Trappers' Association in Old Crow.
Yukon Archives. Old Crow Cooperative Association Ltd. fonds, 79/99, COR 130, file 5.