Family History Research at Yukon Archives

Manuscripts (Private Records)

The Yukon Archives manuscripts collection includes diaries (dating from 1861), scrapbooks, correspondence, and other personal papers. These materials document the lives of individuals, and families associated with the Yukon, whether they be long-time residents or visitors. The manuscript collection includes the records of doctors, politicians, clergy, community leaders, miners, explorers, and many others.

Obituary of Lura Wilkinson
The Wilkinson family, Yukon pioneers, lived in the central Yukon from 1917 through the mid-1970s. Their family home was for a time at Pelly River Ranch, near the confluence of the Pelly and Yukon rivers. They raised grain crops and cattle on their land, and trapped, hunted and fished all the way up into the Mackenzie Mountains. This letter shows the humorous side of their lives. Also, the newspaper obituary for matriarch Mrs. Lura Wilkinson illustrates a common source of genealogical information for family history researchers.
Yukon Archives. Wilkinson Family fonds, 86/50, MSS 252, File 11.
List of Residents at Dawson City
Benjamin Craig travelled to the Yukon from Ottawa, arriving in Dawson City in 1898 to work as Postmaster. In this capacity, he tracked individuals travelling and working in the Klondike, enabling the mail to be forwarded. An evolving population inhabited the gold fields: people were continually pulling up stakes to join another stampede. By the time Craig moved to Vancouver in 1924, he had compiled an extensive list of the residents of the Dawson area, including a register of Pioneers and the names of those who had died. When all else fails in researching if your family member came north, sometimes his or her name appears on Mr. Craig's list.
Yukon Archives. Craig Family fonds, 80/32, MSS 0105, File 7.
Personal Diary of Clara Tizya
Clara Linklater Tizya was born at Rampart House on July 5, 1913. She divided her life between living a traditional lifestyle in small, isolated northern communities (including Rampart House, Dawson City, Old Crow, and Tagish) and a modern lifestyle in Vancouver. She had a great passion for reading, writing and travelling and a devotion to the Anglican Church. This diary entry records a trip Clara made back to Rampart House on August 21, 1991.
Yukon Archives. Clara Tizya fonds, 99/66R MSS 344, f. 21.