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Hidden History: Black History of the Yukon is presented by the Yukon Archives in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Yukon Archives is part of the Cultural Services Branch of the Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Yukon.

The content for this web exhibit is based on a three panel hard copy display entitled Hidden History: Black History of the Yukon which was produced in 2006 by the Yukon Archives, the Yukon Human Rights Commission and the Yukon Status of Women Council. The display is available for circulation in the Yukon by contacting the Yukon Archives at the phone number listed to the right.



Yukon Archives
Peggy D'Orsay

Yukon Status of Women Council
Charlotte Hrenchuk

Yukon Human Rights Commission
Lillian Nakamura-Maguire

Exhibit research and design

Patricia Halladay Graphic Design

Website design and programming

Design Station

French translation

French Language Services Directorate,
Government of Yukon